Untitled Unity Project

(More details coming Soon)

I grew up on Sierras’ Kings Quest, Quest for Glory and the Lucas Arts Indiana Jones games and I’ve always wanted to make my own point-and-click adventure. It has bothered me that the genre hasn’t really moved forward over the years. There are some good games such as Kathy Rain and the various games by Wadjet Eye Games but generally in my mind at least these games haven’t quite gone in the direction I imagined.

In simplest terms – I want to make a P&C Dungeons and Dragons game. An episodic story with real choices that matter and puzzles with multiple solutions. Initially, I had planned to make everything 2D however after seeing the trailer for The Last Night I’ve decided to rethink that approach (no previews of that yet).

Most of my time so far has been spent on writing the story, coming up with puzzle mechanics and getting the basics up an running – main character walk cycle – basic P&C tools (walk/talk/inventory) and learning Unity/scripting as I go along). I plan is to make one of the side quests initially, one that covers some of the key elements I want to show off in the game. This will become the game demo / trailer.

Walk cycle – proof of concept painted up.
Walk cycle, conversation, inventory test, give item to NPC test.
First walk cycle test in unity.