Pixel Fighter

27 Sept.
Right whats new, Updated the UI, and the grass graphics and pick up graphics (food and health). Also now when you hit the enemy block you can’t go futher until you kill all the spawned enemies. I think I’ll probably work on the fighting next. So much to do so little time.

23 Sept.
Fixed it so you don´t constantly get an error, at the moment, each box spawns 5 enemies, the last part of these spawn boxes is getting them to scroll properly, after that I start working on the fighting elements (moves,combos,enemy health, reach)

19 Sept.

Okay radomly spawning powerups/health, and a bunch of enmies spawning. The health bar works and the lives mostly,…
lots of building blocks that need to be tied together, everytime i dad something in something else breaks 😛

Notice the error, just dismiss all, if figure it out eventually!!!

13 Sept.

I’ve updated the engine, this time with scrolling background, the level has a start and finish and the character loads and has a set limited movement area.

7 Sept.

Hi guys!

I’ve decided to brush up on AS3, and what more fun way than to make a street fighter/ double dragon-esc game!

Here’s some early pics.

Starting Characters

Dan Breathing

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