BTS Giant Slayer submission

Giant Slayer BTS

A Brush Sauce Theatre Submission.

I decided to join the monthly BTS competition run by Tyler Edlin.
The Challenge was as follows:
Giant must be:
• Giant • Humanoid
• In an Action Pose
• Set in the late afternoon/early evening/twilight hour
To view example images and hear Tyler explaining the challenge in full:

The ‘reward’ for the competition is basically to have Tyler Edlin review and feedback on your work – so we’ll see what he says and maybe make some more changes.

My Submission, I wanted to experiment with dynamic symmetry for a better composition. I probably over did it a bit but I’m happy with the overall outcome. This was mostly done on an Ipad Pro with a few touches done on PC. Yes there are some unfinished areas and the girl could have more interesting elements to her design but hopefully I’ll get some interesting feedback and then I might come back and do a little more work on the piece.

The idea here is that these little evil smurf people have tricked the evil giant woman using the sweet smell of bacon and steak.
You can tell she’s evil because of here Goth makeup. I was considering going just metal bikini, as a homage to Frank Frazetta and generally there is a troupe of more revealing outfit = more evil (I’m looking at you Princess Aurora from Flash Gordon.) But in this day and age I’m not sure people would get it.

Moodboard, sketch and final submission.

Update 06/09/2019

So the video went up the feedback was:
Really nice visual story telling
Bit of a tangent with the runners head a rope.
The main changes suggested was around the colour – I have been wondering if my monitor is setup right (have been trying some variations so that might have played a part). In short adding more grey / realistic colours in for areas of visual rest.

I had a play with the colours – personally I feel this is less stylised than I had in mind, but probably more balanced and it does make make it feel like I would need to paint up the characters in the background and go for a realistic skin tone for the runner. It would have been nice to get a little bit more feedback but I’ll just take that as a complement that there wasn’t anything else to pick out.

A note to anyone who decides to join the BTS competitions, I hadn’t noticed before but Tyler doesn’t zoom in on the images so I wouldn’t worry about smaller details and bear in mind some things might get lost – for instance the little guys holding the rope – they need to be more legible when zoomed out like they view in the review.

Reviewing the piece myself now that some time has passed – I would say yes dropping the saturation if the right way to go. The characters (especially those holding on to the rope) do need more detail and the skin tone needs to be more realistic. The design on the Giant needs more work too, it’s a little too basic and needs some more character in the outfit and accessories. The giants feet need more work ( I rushed them) so they correctly sit in the scene. And finally it just needs that extra day spent on clean up and polish.

All in all quite an enjoyable piece to work on.
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