Short on Slots – Gladiators

Articles to come:More on HierarchyMobile First Better AnticipationFast localisation of Graphical text.and more… The Why Everyone thinks they can design art for slots – and many companies treat the art process separately from the rest of development – either reskinning existing games or making Art packs by theme and (maybe) using them once the right feature has been decided on by the product team. In my opinion, this is detrimental to the overall player experience. Yes, these are gambling games so ultimately if the math and features are attractive to the player and (s)he has an enjoyable experience then it’s entirely possible that an ugly game can go on to […]

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Monkey Island 2, Guybrush Falling

I based on the classic Monkey Island 2 game intro. Guybrush Threepwood falling and holding on to the Big Whoop Treasure. Click to enlarge any image! I decided to add Murray the demonic skull to the front of the big whoop chest just to make it a bit more interesting. Looks a bit like a book cover which is what I was going for. Shot I started off with this shot from Monkey Island 2: GuybrushFalling ScreenShot1 I started doing some thumbnails of the pose, trying to figure out what I wanted. I was looking for a pose that felt mid-motion and at an odd angle so I could have some […]

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Painterly Style – Kylo Ren

I wanted to try my hand at a more painterly style when I stumbled on Aaron Griffin, really liked his style – you can see below the results of about 40min work, it’s a surprisingly quick style. You can download his brushes here: Stills of his process. Timelaps:

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