Monkey Island 2, Guybrush Falling

I based on the classic Monkey Island 2 game intro. Guybrush Threepwood falling and holding on to the Big Whoop Treasure. Click to enlarge any image! I decided to add Murray the demonic skull to the front of the big whoop chest just to make it a bit more interesting. Looks a bit like a book cover which is what I was going for. Shot I started off with this shot from Monkey Island 2: GuybrushFalling ScreenShot1 I started doing some thumbnails of the pose, trying to figure out what I wanted. I was looking for a pose that felt mid-motion and at an odd angle so I could have some […]

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Indiana Jones

Thought I´d have a crack at Indy. I´m not aiming for a spot on realistic image of Harrison ford. Originally I had planned to do a comic caricature (a la J. Scott Campbell), but with a coloured rendering similar to Adam Hughes´ works. So what I´ve ended up with is a slightly stylized character that falls a bit between it all. Still, I´m happy where it´s going. The lighting is based on a screen grab from the films.  

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